Cryptocurrency Trading


To be an accomplished cryptocurrency trader, it is essential that you use a suitable trading platform, wallet, and deposit methods. There are countless cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms such as btcrevolution available online today. Each of them provides users with various advantages and benefits that can help improve their skills and profits. Here are two such well-known cryptocurrency trading platforms available online.


TradeStation was established in 1982 with its headquarter located in Florida. The platform was present several decades before cryptocurrencies were introduced globally and is considered one of the leaders in trading technology. This platform allows its users to trade using several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

It can be used by both casual traders and those more seriously involved in regular cryptocurrency trading. Unlike many other trading platforms, TradeStation charges its users not by the amount they trade, but by their account balance. They have given options to carry out quick trades or gather interests in acquired cryptocurrency assets over a long period. This platform provides its users with various resources that they can use to understand the world of cryptocurrencies and gather more skills that can be used while trading.

Each individual can customize Their user interface to match their trading preferences, and their one-click entry lets users quickly get their order into the trading market.

Bitcoin Revolution

As the name suggests, this trading platform facilities trading using Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Revolution is an ideal solution for all newcomers in the world of crypto trading since they provide fully-automated trading robots that can analyze the market and figure out the best deals.

There are several crypto trading robots available today, but most of the advanced ones charge the user a hefty fee. In the case of the Bitcoin Revolution, the registration is entirely free, and the only amount the user will be paying them is 2% of their trade profits. For more skilled traders and those who have gained sufficient experience on the platform, the robots can be made semi-automatic and customized according to the user’s preferences.

Bitcoin Revolution requires only a minimum deposit of $250 and assures its users of up to 60% profits each day. A significant amount of the earnings can be withdrawn by the trader and need not be re-invested fully.

To ensure the safety of their users’ data, the Bitcoin Revolution makes use of verified, reputable payment gateways and RSA encryption.

Summing up

TradeStation and Bitcoin Revolution are two fantastic options for someone in search of a profitable cryptocurrency trading platform. With the help of automated live trading in the latter, even an inexperienced trader can reap excellent profits each day. But everybody who enters this trading territory must be fully aware of the risks involved.