Using white pages is a long-established method of finding phone numbers, business names and addresses, dates, and any other information you may need. It is used by businesses to assign office numbers, which are usually contained in the white pages of the telephone directory or white pages reverse phone lookup. The following are some tips for correctly using white pages;

1. Use the addressee’s full name

This is often referred to as the full name of the person, most often this is their first name and family name. The white pages gives you all people with a certain common surnames2. Use the address given

The number is the street, if you cannot use the street, then use those given numbers following decimal point 4 digits, they are used to find only one house in an area though when looking at an entire town. The street is not just a road and should be included in address information and any nearby roads, like a residential road in each town. The address also includes surrounding streets and roads.

3. As well as the name of the person

It is also important to include the address of the person you are looking for. The white pages contains only a number and sometimes a street but also some documents include an address and a telephone number. If no phone number, use their name as well as their address. If it is not enough then you can use some documents like their passport and driving license, tax declaration.

4. Correct spelling

If your phone number does not have correct spelling then do not contact that person because it will make all too difficult in finding them especially when they are using there favorite phone numbers or own sign, contacts details on email or website. Use only correct spelling and spellings.

5. How to find Address

A number after a letter means that the number is part of an exchange, it is called a prefix number, if you have the letter only in front of the area code then it means that no extension is required and you can reach by dialing the three digit number (numbers starting with 0) just as local numbers start with a zero. Entire are different from area codes on numbers and you do not need to dial prefix as well6. Always check the date

Check the date of phone numbers and if a number is not original or allow to use, you can use that number if they are still available in your area. If there is no any phone number but you have an address, then you can find a phone number by using white pages but if their address is not correct then you might contact them on other telephone numbers. White pages list telephone numbers of the people and that’s why they do not need any additional information like email, website details or other contact details like social networking sites or blogs. You can find any person from white pages easily.

7. Record the number

Record the number of individuals immediately after making any phone call and if you want to keep it in a pocket diary or in your laptop then you can do this. This will help you to find out their contact details.

8. Reverse search is always helpful

If you want to look for an old friend or family member, then reverse search is one of the kind of search, but it is not possible to find all details but it easily helps you to find anyone who has registered themselves with their telephone numbers and addresses. You can ask other people to give information about that person or use white pages telephone directory and ask them yourself, some people might be unwilling but still they will give an answer when asked politely. If you’re not sure how to ask, you can get more info from this post.

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