October 2020


Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Russia had actually announced the nonworking period until May 11 of 2020. The regions or the federal subjects, had imposed additional quarantine measures to restrict the movement of residents so that they could control the spread of the virus, all their efforts were in vain because the virus spread anyway. The country now records 1.1 million cases totally. As of September 2020, 1.1 million individuals in Russia had been affected by the virus. In so many regions, the population could actually go outside to the nearest grocery store or to even take a walk, or to walk the dog, or to see the doctor. But, in a lot of regions, strict lockdown measures had when implemented. Moscow had actually introduced digital passes which required Russians to register online before they left their house. These measures were actually brilliant, and a lot of them did work, and it did help.

Even though Russia tried so much to control the spread of the virus, it happens to be in the top five highest affected countries in the world. Even though so many people or affected by the virus in this country, the mortality rate is quite low. Around the month of May, Russia had the worlds second-highest number of virus cases. But, it had registered 10 times fewer deaths than Britain, Spain, France and Italy. It is good news indeed, but I am surely wondering how come the mortality rate is so low.


A lot of critics are actually accused Russian authorities of undercounting the number of deaths because of downplay of the scale of the crisis. A lot of people found it hard to believe that the country is underfunded healthcare system is managing better than the ones in the United States of America and even Western Europe. A lot of people accused the authorities of falsifying the numbers. They were counting deaths that are caused directly by the virus and that since the pandemic came much later to Russia, it was actually able to learn lessons from the experiences of western Europe.

A lot of experts have said that the demographic factors also come to play. Russia has had far fewer elderly people who are especially vulnerable to the virus.

This is how Russia accounts. Some countries count every single person who died while infected in the total number of fatalities; others have been known to include cases where the virus is suspected of having played a role and some only count deaths which are directly caused by the virus.

coronavirus outbreak

Russia is undoubtedly on the conservative end of the scale, which attributes fatalities to the COVID 19 only when a death can certainly be directly linked to the coronavirus.

The number of coronavirus cases was actually the highest in Moscow, in Russia, and it accounted for a lot of cases. It came in around 280,000 by September 2020. It was also followed by the Moscow oblast with almost 70,000 cases. In total, by the month of September, almost 1,100,000 coronavirus cases were recorded in Russia. This number is a staggering amount, and a lot of people have been facing a lot of troubles because of this pandemic. Everyone is confined to their own homes because they are safe from the virus in their own houses. Community spread is one of the worst things that can happen in a pandemic, and that is precisely what happened with the coronavirus pandemic. In this guide, I will be talking about some general coronavirus news when it comes to Russia.

COVID-19: Moscow

Moscow was the reason in Russia which had the largest number of coronavirus tests and cases as well. It is not surprising because Moscow happens to be the epicentre of people from all around the world who want to visit Russia. Moscow happens to be the place that most people want to visit when they are planning a trip to Russia. Most of the new Coronavirus patients reported that they were in the city, and also they were between the ages of 18 to 45 years. What you need to keep in mind is that Coronavirus has proven not to be as deadly as it can be to individuals who are not senior citizens. Senior citizens have proven to be more susceptible to the virus, and countless souls have lost their lives to the virus while fighting it. Coronavirus cases are more in the city because cities are where people gather because they have a lot of work in the city.

COVID-19: Moscow

Moscow is also promoting a self-isolation index during the lockdowns which were initiated. They advised people to stay in their own homes. If we are talking about entertainment venues, bars, restaurants and food shops, they were all closed during lockdowns. Many car-sharing services were also suspended because of the risks of the coronavirus contagion. Anything that requires human contact was suspended, and there were also some social distancing measures that were introduced to halt the spread of the virus. There have been a lot of protocols, and we can easily say that all of them have not done a great job at stopping the virus. Currently, the world is at 31.5 million cases of Coronavirus.

Russia has actually done a lot of things to control the spread of the virus, but only some of those things have worked so far.